City Subscriptions. A list of restaurant recommendations that comes straight to your inbox. Updated monthly.

We know, you can get restaurant recommendations from so many sources. What makes our lists different is that they span a variety of budgets, neighborhoods, and styles of cuisines in food-centric cities across the U.S. 

These lists are updated monthly and aim to push you out of your regular restaurant rotation. 

On the 1st of each month you'll receive a list of 5 different restaurants serving 5 different types of cuisine. Why only 5? Because who has time to eat at more than 5 new restaurants a month, while still visiting their old favorites? 

All for only $5 a month. 



[Beginning in 2018]

Cities to choose from:

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Portland, OR

  • Chicago, IL

  • Austin, TX

  • New York City

  • Little Rock, AR

Let us know which cities you'd like to see added!