Q—What does the name mean?

A—The official definition of gastronomy is: the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food. A gastronome is someone who enjoys all of the above. We chose the name Gastrono.me because a) we love puns and b) because "good food" is defined differently for everyone, and we believe we should all be able to find the food and drink experiences we're craving.

Q—What do you mean, "prices vary,"?

A—Gastrono.me's pricing is different depending on how nitty-gritty you'd like us to get with your planning. There is a base price (the starting amount listed on the pages, which takes into account the time for consultation and creation of your guide), but we'll add on to the base price for things like making reservations, creating additional resources, or anything else that takes us additional time. We're very transparent about how we charge and are happy to answer any questions you may have! 

Q—So, how can I easily explain what you do to my friends and family?

A—We're like a travel agency, but specifically for food and drinks. We'd also love to see your experiences online, or hear about them through our contact page. 

Q—What if we don't like the recommendations? 

A—Then we want to hear from you! We'll talk about what wasn't tasty, what wasn't comfortable, and what just didn't work for you. We're happy to have this discussion after your trip, or even during! This way we have the opportunity to revisit our other recommendations to insure that we haven't missed the mark anywhere else. For information about refunds, please reach out with your specific situation and we can discuss!

Q—Are you able to create guides for any city? 

A—Great question! Right now we're starting with the US, and hope to expand to larger cities in Europe very soon. That said, we'd love to consult about any trip you're taking and—based on your questionnaire—will assess if we think we're a good fit. If not, we'll point you in the direction of someone who can be more help.